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Welcome to the world of Home Education, where learning meets adventure! As a renowned choice for educating children, Home Education offers families the flexibility to tailor their schedules while meeting educational standards.

At A Class Tutors, we understand the unique journey of home-schooling. Our stellar tutoring and concession services are here to support children every step of the way.

From boosting independence to reducing stress levels, Home Education empowers students to take the reins of their educational voyage. Join us and embark on an exciting learning adventure together!
A Class Tutors provides academic support services to parents and students across the nation.

The Benefits of Home Education

Personalized Attention
With A Class Tutors, your child receives individualized instruction tailored to their unique learning style and pace, ensuring they grasp concepts thoroughly and enjoy learning.

Flexibility for Growth 
Homeschooling offers the flexibility for your child to explore their interests and passions outside of traditional school hours, fostering holistic development and a love for lifelong learning.

Safe and Supportive Environment
Your child learns in a safe and nurturing environment, free from distractions, where they can build a strong rapport with their tutor, fostering trust, confidence, and academic excellence.

Increased Academic Performance
Homeschooled students often perform well academically due to the personalized instruction and support they receive from our tutors. They have the flexibility to explore topics in depth and master concepts at their own pace, leading to greater academic achievement.

How to get started

STEP 1: Connect with Us

STEP 2: Choose A Package!

  • Purchase one of our unique packages
  • Identify your preferred day and time for your lesson

STEP 2: Confirm your tutor

  • Our unique tutors’ biography will be sent to you
  • Confirm that you are satisfied with your tutor

STEP 4:  Let's Start

  • Upon the first lesson, your tutor will complete a Learner Assessment form
  • Set Educational Goals with your young academic
  • Let the Educational Journey Begin!


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