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What makes A Class Tutors unique?

A Class Tutors offers personalized tuition and concession services to suit the educational needs of our students as well as offering support and guidance to our clients throughout our service.

Curriculum & Criteria

What grades does A Class Tutors cater for?

Foundation Phase: Grade R – Grade 3
Intermediate Phase: Grade 4 – Grade 6
Senior Phase: Grade 7 – Grade 9 – IGCSE
FET Phase: Grade 10 – 12 – AS/A Levels
O/A/AS Levels

What curriculum does A Class Tutors work with?

British International

What tech will I need?

You will need a stable internet connection (a wired connection is the most reliable).
A computer or laptop equipped with a webcam and speakers. For the best audio quality, we recommend students use a headset with a microphone.
A tablet or phone can be used for video and audio.

What programs or software will I need?

We make use of numerous platforms such as Zoom and Google Classroom, you as the client can choose your preference.

What are the conditions for engaging in tutoring or concession services for public, private, and home education?

Conditions must comply with the Home Education requirements as set out by the Department of Education

When should I apply for tutoring or concession services?

Transitioning between schooling systems and curriculums.
When experiencing learning difficulties.
Recommended by a counsellor.
Seeking academic improvement.

What are the advantages of having an A Class Tutor?

Our Tutors offer individualized educational experiences, assisting students to develop good study habits and independence, while also providing the student with opportunities to improve their critical and analytical thinking abilities.

How is a student placed with a tutor/concession?

The student and tutor are matched according to their compatibility – the students’ needs vs the tutor/concessions’ capabilities.

What language medium is used for tuition/concession?

English is the primary language for tuition/concession.
The student’s home language is the secondary language for tuition/concession.
Specialized language tutors are also available.

What are the differences between CAPS, IEB, and British International Curriculum?

CAPS: A nationally recognized curriculum. The matric certificate is issued by the Department of Basic Education.
IEB: An internationally recognized qualification, providing students with critical and analytical abilities. The matric certificate is issued by Umalusi.
British International Curriculum: An internationally recognized curriculum, structured and centered to focus on the development of the student. A General Certificate of Education and Advanced Certificate of Education are awarded.

Who can I contact regarding missed lessons/payments/load shedding/rescheduling etc.?

Please contact our Operations Team on (081) 329 8448 or via email: admin@aclasstutors.co.za / info@aclasstutors.co.za

Home Education

What is home education?

Home education is an alternative education program, where the student obtains the necessary education to comply with national or international requirements in the home environment as opposed to attending a school.

Do I need to register the student/child with the Department of Education?

Yes, any student attending home education needs to be registered with the relevant provincial department. Our team will assist with the registration.

Is Home education accepted as a valid means of education?

Yes, provided the student is registered with the Department of Education and the curriculum meets the minimum standards as required by a public school.

Can a student be entered into a mainstream school after home education?

Yes, if the student has maintained an adequate level of academic achievement that complies with the requirements of a mainstream school.

Are there any requirements/criteria to register a student for home education?

Please refer to the Policy on Home Education to determine the requirements and criteria for home education Click Here

What certification of completion is earned after completing a grade/level?

The certification will depend on the curriculum that the student is completing. Example: Students completing CAPS Curriculum will be awarded a National Senior Certificate at the end of Grade 12.

Is it possible to complete Grade 12 through A Class Tutors?

Yes, students can complete their Matric year through A Class Tutors making use of our preferred curriculum provider.

What is the main role and responsibilities of parents/guardians when applying for home education?

Please refer to section 10.1 Responsibilities and roles of the parent in the Policy on Home Education Click Here

How do students register for examinations?

Students are registered to write examinations through the respective curriculum provider, their school, or institution.

Our Services

What services does A Class Tutors offer?

Tutoring Services from Grade R-12, All subjects – In-person & Online
Assistance with homework
Test & Exam Preparation
Free Grade R-9 Home Education Curriculum (Exclusive to A Class Students)
Concession Services – Scribes, Readers, Prompters, etc.

What is the role of a tutor?

The tutor provides the student with support and guidance of the respective curriculum and assists in preparation for tests/examinations, assignments, and homework tasks. A tutor assists students to grasps concepts.

What is the purpose of a concession facilitator?

The primary purpose of the concession facilitator is to provide support, through reading/writing, for learners who experience difficulties during test and examination sessions.

What types of concession are available?

Additional Time
Rest Breaks

Can a tutor also work as an invigilator?

Tutors may be required to invigilate during test/assessment/examination periods; however, Tutors may not invigilate for students whom they are currently tutoring.

Does A Class Tutors cater to students with learning difficulties

Yes, A Class Tutors offers concession services to cater to students who may experience difficulties when writing examinations/assessments as well as providing guidance to the students with their course. Many of our tutors are trained to work with students with learning difficulties.

Pricing and Accounts

How much does it cost to employ the services of a tutor/concession?

Our packages are tailormade to suit our client requirements. Complete the “Book our Services” form on our website and our Team will get back to you.

Are there specific packages/schemes / monthly installments options available?

Yes, this will be discussed in response to you completing the “Book our Services” form.

How do I update my billing information?

Kindly send an email to accounts@aclasstutors.co.za to update your information

How can I cancel my subscription to the services?

Kindly send an email to accounts@aclasstutors.co.za to cancel the services.


Where does tuition / concession take place?

In-Person in the comfort of the student’s home.
Over an online platform such as Zoom or Google Classroom.
At a designated venue such as a school, etc.
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