What is a Concession?

Concessions are a form of assistance utilized by various high schools and tertiary institutions to facilitate the assessment process for individuals who struggle to complete a test or exam in the allotted time, due to a learning barrier. 

The Concession provides support to a child experiencing barriers, ensuring the child can complete a test or examination successfully under general examination conditions.
Concession Notepad

Who needs a Concession?

A child who may experience barriers during a test, assessment or examination. Barriers may be due to any diagnosis that affects the way the child comprehends or processes information, such as ADHD, ADD, Autism, Dyslexia, Physical Impairments, Health Conditions etc.

A person who conducts an examination / test under the required examination conditions.

A person who writes or processes a learner’s answers during a test/examination.

A person who reads the examination script to the learner.

A person who encourages a learner to attempt to answer ‘missed’ or ‘incomplete’ questions and refocuses the learner on the examination/test.

A person who provides guidance, assistance and support to learners to promote independent, successful learning.

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